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I’m Miki Hansen, and this web page was originally used as part of my gallery display for my BFA thesis project. Displayed on an iPad, it gave a basic explanation of my thesis project.
I’ve now expanded it to become a total portfolio for the project, with more in-depth explanations and links to the various elements and designs I developed for the project.

If you’d like more information about me and what I do, head on over to my personal website.

What is Dirty Hippies?

Dirty Hippies is a branded awareness campaign

It is designed to increase participation in music festival recycling programs while enhancing the music festival experience in a fun and engaging way.

This site is meant to give a general, brief overview of the campaign and the elements I designed for it. For a more detailed, full explanation of my creative process including idea genesis, research, planning, execution, and testing, check out my process book (pdf). The book is also linked in the gallery further down the page if you’d like to poke around a bit before committing to reading it. Cheers!

How does it work?

Pick up trash and earn rewards!

…and help keep the music festival grounds and surrounding areas clean and litter free!

Recyclable trash items will be assigned a point value. Program participants can collect and bring these recyclable items to designated trade-in booths in exchange for the point value. These points can then be used to purchase festival merchandise items exclusive to the Dirty Hippies program.
A smartphone App that is linked to the campaign will show the participant’s current point balance, items which can be purchased, and the participant’s ranking as compared to others at the same festival.
The App has social media capabilities so participants can brag about their program ranking to their social media network and spread the word about the Dirty Hippies campaign.

What can I get?

Exclusive merchandise not available anywhere else!

Items available for purchase can range all the way from stickers to commemorative and collectable merchandise signed by artists appearing at the music festival. Entry level, low-point-cost, exclusive merchandise will include useful, desirable, physical touchpoint items branded for the
Dirty Hippies campaign; a reusable water bottle, stickers, and buttons. These items will also help to drive awareness of the campaign as they are carried or worn around the festival grounds by program participants.

Gallery Display

A few images of my thesis display at RedLine, Denver.

Smart Phone App Demo

This is a clickable demonstration of my app mocked up for an iPhone 4.

Thesis Process Book

This book describes my process for my thesis development; from initial ideation to completion.

App Screens

Some example screens from the smart phone application demonstration that I developed for my thesis.

Branded Touchpoint Items

Touchpoint items developed for the Dirty Hippies recycling program. These touchpoint items are intended as easily earnable […]

Created by Miki Hansen for her BFA thesis.
Spring 2014, University of Colorado Denver.